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Projects Portfolio

Hey, this is Juan, welcome to my porfolio.

This page will give you an idea of the type of projects that I've completed during the past years and how these have contributed to the success of the teams and organisations that I've worked at.

I believe that technology has the power to connect and unleash the best in people, and through a smart combination of both, I work on projects that make individuals and organisations become better versions of themselves.

I hope that you can learn a bit more about me and my work. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk or know more.

Corporate Work

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The DEKRA Transformation

2018 - Currently

In early 2018, I joined DEKRA, the world’s largest unlisted expert organisation in the TIC (testing, inspection, certification) industry. Company based in Stuttgart, Germany, and with presence in over 50 countries.

As DEKRA was looking to increase their portfolio of services, the company acquired a growing Spanish organisation dedicated to the testing and certification of tech devices, such smartphones, laptops, and connected cars.

Every M&A has challenges, as the acquiring company needs to blend two different teams, cultures and ways of working, in one single legal entity, and the HR teams are a crucial part of this job.

I joined DEKRA after this M&A to transform the way that the company manages its People Operations in Spain, in an effort to evolve this area of the organisation from an administrative function support to a true HR department that takes care of the whole employee lifecycle, from hire to retire.

While global HR guidelines are defined by Corporate HR in Stuttgart (Germany), countries have freedom to develop their own policies and projects within these general guidelines.

To make this happen, I have led and implemented these projects (among others):
Researched options, presented them, and got approved by HQ a project to transition from an internal CRM tool to SAP SuccessFactors, to create a true digital experience for HR users, managers and employees. I project managed this project and working with an external vendor, implemented the modules Employee Central, Performance & Goals and Recruitment.Digitisation of the candidate experience, making the process from application to hiring completely paperless, which has considerably increased the employee perception of the company and reduced the time from application to first day in the job by 30%.Created a tool that generates and emails offer letters to Recruiters in a corporate and great looking format just by completing an online form, using Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Flow, reducing the time needed to create the document by 50%.Redesign of the Performance Review cycle from a complex, manual and labor intensive process to a digital assessment experience with $0 budget, by leveraging readily available technologies like Microsoft Forms (capture of responses) and Microsoft Flow (automated reporting and notifications). The project included the redesign of competences from 15 to 3 (Results achieved, Innovation, DEKRA Values), simplification of the rating scale from a complex numeric table to 3 values (Below expectations, Meets expectations, exceeds expectations) and addition of a self assessment phase. Respondents have rated the new Performance Review system with an astonishing 86% of favorable responses, becoming the current performance review system in the company.Creation of an annual Salary Review cycle, linked to the Performance Review outcomes, that provides transparency to employee's salary increases. Through this project, 30% of the company received a salary revision in 2019, increasing the team's engagement.Increase of training hours in 48% with no additional budget expenditure, thanks to the use of training subsidies granted by the State Foundation for Employment Training.Creation of a visual employee's org chart in the Intranet called Who's Who that explains what's each division of the company responsible for and who are its leaders. The goal of this project is to raise awareness about other divisions of the company and get an overview of the leadership team. I designed the look of the page in Sketch and wrote some samples of the code using some HTML/CSS templates that I found on the Internet, so the IT department could implement it afterwards.Creation of a page in our Intranet that lists all benefits available to employees to maximize the value and create awareness of all benefits that employees can avail of just for being part of DEKRA. I created the whole copy and provided to our IT department with some mockups and HTML/CSS examples of the look and feel of the page. As a part of the project, I also worked with Marketing to create a leaflet that is sent to successful candidates as a part of their offer extension email.I have (informally) led the transition to a modern workplace communications system by evangelising about the benefits of corporate communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and open-source alternatives. Thanks to a 1 year free trial program from Microsoft Teams, I've influenced people to join me on the platform, creating a network effect that has made the company to invest in Pro licenses for the whole local organization, being now the local corporate tool for video conferences and internal messaging.Created a Remote Work Policy, reached an agreement with our Works Council and published it in less than 5 working days to allow 85% of the company to work from home due to the COVID outbreak.
When I'm not working on projects, I spend most of my day making the HR department a true partner for the organisation and working with customers, vendors and providers to improve the whole HR experience and our portfolio of services and costs associated.

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People First @ Apple

2015 - 2018

In 2014, and after 4 years working in HR, I wanted more. I wanted to learn more, travel more and work on projects that impacted more people. After a short period of time researching jobs in companies that I always admired, I joined the People Ops Team at Apple, based in Cork, Ireland.

I spent my first months in the role learning the ins and outs of how HR works at Apple, providing first class advice to employees, managers and vendors on the company's HR policies, with a strong focus on the Spanish, Irish and UK markets.

My SAT was the highest in my team for 4 consecutive quarters (95%), earning my a promotion to People Senior Specialist, a team leader role, where I had chance to work on more strategic projects for the whole HR organisation, and improve my facilitating skills as I acted as a Team leader within the People Support team.

Some of the projects that I completed comprise (among others):

New hires training for the People Support team. I created from scratch a comprehensive training for new team members that would bring them up to speed in all things Apple (Culture, Values, Who's Who, Escalations process) including country specific knowledge and multi-team shadowing sessions. This project allowed us to reduce the time needed for new team members to be operational by 62% (from 2 months to just 3 weeks).I led the creation of a new Knowledge Base of HR topics and policies in SugarCRM. Prior to this KB, every team member had personal notes in their own systems of records and in shared Wikis. As we grew as a team and expanded our portfolio of services and supported countries, we needed a more standardised way to approach knowledge and learning, so this tool allowed us to comprise under one single system all our policies, and update them in real time.As a team leader, I managed performance issues in the team using the GROW model, helping colleagues to overcome them and be successful in their roles.Led weekly training and workshops with the People Support team to foster communication, teamwork and keep knowledge up to date. Topics include: RSU&Stocks, cultural awareness trainings, updates in labor law, benefits updates among others.Participated in training sessions at Apple New Employee Inductions and with newly appointed AppleCare managers so they could familiarise themselves with People fundamentals and processes at Apple.Short term assignment to London, working with Apple Retail HRBPs to understand the nature of our retail business and people challenges, so we could provide a better support experience for them.

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Early career

For the first years of my career, I worked in multinational companies such Abengoa or ManpowerGroup where I had chance to manage my first projects in global organisations and develop my intervieweing skills.

Entrepreneurial Projects

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2019 - 2020

I founded Mentory, a platform that allows individuals in my generation to connect with people who are experts at career advice, so they can get the advice they need to move forward in their professional and personal life.

Advice goes from interview preparation, CV redesign and leadership coaching among others.

I created the project as a solo founder while working full time, ideating the whole concept including the graphic design and business model; perfected my copywriting and communication skills by creating the web content, and iterated the idea based on customer feedback.

My biggest challenge has been to recruit a good development partner who could support me from the technical side, which has taught me who to source talented people from non-conventional platforms for recruiting such internet forums.

I sold it to an American corporation to be merged with their current online training solution in July 2020.

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2014 - 2017

I created Nyloon, an ecommerce website dedicated to selling watch straps. I co-created the idea with my sister when I wanted to have original and personal watch straps for my smartwatch, but couldn't find any good alternatives in the market.
I built the webiste in Shopify, designed the straps myself in Photoshop and outsourced the manufacturing to Shenzen, in China . The straps were sold in more than 20 countries worldwide, and I'm responsible to have created successful partnerships with influencers and blogs such CultofMac for its distribution.

Over 500 reviews of the straps on the site with an average rating of 5/5 stars.

Exited and sold the business to an American retailer in 2017 to focus on my HR career and other entrepreneurial activities on this field like Mentory.

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